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 Business Solutions
RMR's service infrastructure is designed to scale to fit your relocation needs.

For over a decade, RMR has been providing solutions to corporations of every size. One of the keys to our success is providing a scalable move management service that changes as your company does. Through tough times or rapid growth, RMR provides consistent service to you and your relocating employees.

Customer Service
Regardless of your size, you will receive the same great customer service from your RMR Move Management team. Individualized attention to your company and its transferees is a cornerstone of RMR's business focus. Through customer service, RMR makes moving less stressful on your employees and makes managing your corporate moving program more efficient and less costly.

To your transferees, the RMR Move Management team will provide personalized counseling on the moving process. In addition to outlining general moving services, our counseling seeks to:
  • establish service needs
  • negotiate schedules
  • select the best movers to deliver required services
  • ensure policy guideline adherence
  • track the progress of the move from start to finish
  • avoid unnecessary service-failure situations
  • manage claims for loss or damage during the move
To your company, the RMR Move Management team is an extension of your own relocations group. Because we remove from you the hassles of directly managing each move, it is important that we follow your processes and policies regarding:
  • integration with other relocation service providers
  • the degree of your involvement in normal management functions
  • exceptional service authorization request management
  • data tracking requirements
  • policy effectiveness and review
Though orchestration is a service typically associated with the transferee, RMR's active management process benefits relocations departments by:
  • eliminating multiple contracts with many movers in order to ensure geographic coverage - you pay the same rate with RMR regardless of which mover we select
  • selecting movers based on quality, price, and geographic coverage, regardless of van line affiliation
  • handling communications between the movers and transferees, notifying you based on the level of involvement you request
Because RMR acts as the sole source of communication for all household goods moving service needs, a wealth of moving data related to performance, exceptions to policy, and authorizations is available and utilized during our audit process. Every invoice for service undergoes a three-point audit in which we:

1. Verify services occurred
All back-up paperwork is compared with the survey results and original assignments issued to the mover. Paperwork is also compared with other documents (i.e. the weight on the bill of lading is compared with certified weight tickets). The list of authorized services is also compared against the charges.

2. Verify charges match parameters of signed back-up paperwork
Using the results from above, our audit staff creates an invoice based on the services that appear on the paperwork, correcting unauthorized or inaccurate information. The RMR generated invoice is compared with the mover's invoice. Inaccuracies are noted and corrected with the mover.

3. Verify charges follow mover's published tariff and your RMR Service Contract
Because RMR uses the latest industry-standard rating software, when RMR generates its own comparison invoice, the correct tariff charges are utilized. At the conclusion of the audit, the invoice generated by RMR is used to provide accurate billing to you based on your RMR Service Contract parameters.

Controlling each move is as important as providing excellent service. Without controls, costs can easily get out of hand. RMR's database system allows us to handle moves under a diverse set of guidelines to ensure control, including:
  • strict budget caps
  • varying approval and authorization requirements
  • lump-sum moves
  • multiple policies with variable service limitations
Scaled Solutions
RMR's technology provides the safety and controls of a big company while our relatively small size results in individualized attention from our senior managers. Our team-oriented corporate structure allows us to easily scale our service to fit your volume. As you grow, the team assigned to you grows as well. Each team consists of an account manager, a team leader, and one or more auditors and move managers. Each team relies on our world class move management database system to organize and manage your moves.

Small companies with between 1 and 25 relocations each year are efficiently serviced by an account manager, team leader, and one auditor. As volume grows to between 26 and 100 annual relocations, the team is expanded to include one or more move managers who are responsible for supporting the team leader and auditor. Scaling further upward, RMR adds additional auditors and may even develop multiple team leaders responsible for specific groups within your organization.

By scaling our service to fit your volume needs, RMR is able to offer excellent service at competitive rates.

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